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Weather in Oaxaca

by Josien - 11 May, 2020

Weather in Oaxaca

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After spending a couple of months here as digital nomads, the most common question we hear is “when is the best weather in Oaxaca?”. We believe it’s always a good time to go to Oaxaca, but we get that we’re a little bit biased. So, we made an overview of the weather in Oaxaca per season/quarter. We hope this helps!

The weather in Oaxaca per season:

March, April, May, June: Hottest months

You will be walking a lot in Oaxaca and these months might be too hot for intense activities. Nevertheless, you can still visit a lot of musea, churches and do organized tours with an airconditioned van. Read our recommendations on things to do in Oaxaca.

If it gets too hot, you could cool off in the Hierve el Agua: calcified mineral waterfalls and pools filled with bubbling water from the rocks below. A great experience for the hot days!

June, July, August, September: “rainy” season

They say these months are the rainiest for Oaxaca, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s just a little bit and most rain showers are during the night. It will barely affect your trip to Oaxaca, heck, it might even be better to come during this time. Oaxaca cools down in these months and you will really enjoy the temperature during the day.

The weather in Oaxaca during these months is actually my favorite. Besides the fact that it’s not too hot, it’s also less touristy in town.

October, November, December, January, February: Holiday season!

This might be the coolest time of the year, but it’s also the best time to experience the real Mexican cultural events like Day of the Death (mid-December to January). Please bring a jacket to keep you warm, layers are key in these months.

For actually updates on the weather in Oaxaca I recommend the app Weather Radar (iOs & Android). It’s pretty accurate and easy to use!


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