Top 10 jobs for a digital nomad

Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

by Josien - 01 Jul, 2020

Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

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It’s getting more popular by the day: living the life as a digital nomad. But how do you make it work? It all starts with finding the right jobs that are suitable for the digital nomad lifestyle. What skills can you offer if you’re hopping from country to country? Where do you find these digital nomad jobs? In this article, I tell you about the top 10 jobs for digital nomads.

Digital Nomad Life as a Freelancer or Employee? 

It’s not easy to get hired remotely. Due to a longer hiring process, but also because of the competition. I’m writing this in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic, and over 30 million Americans lost their jobs already. Imagine how many people world wide are looking for remote jobs now?

So, if there are no companies hiring you to join their team right now, I offer you a list of 10 jobs that you can do as a freelancer while enjoying the life of a digital nomad.

Content Marketing Stream

Top 10 jobs for a digital nomad

  1. Social Media Manager
  2. Content Marketing Specialist
  3. Software & Web Developer
  4. Teach another language to children
  5. Video Editor
  6. Online Coach
  7. Online Advertising Specialist
  8. Write an ebook
  9. Dropshipping
  10. Translator
  11. Where to find jobs as a digital nomad?

1. Social Media Manager – Top Job for digital nomads

Social media rules! Many companies value their social reputation, and rightly so. Good online visibility on social media ensures more engaged customers and followers. So it ensures more sales and thus increases the revenue. Whether it is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or Youtube, on all these social media companies benefit from good strategies that are implemented by Social Media Managers.

At the same time, companies are not eager to keep up with their social media themselves, because they rather (and have to) focus on other business tasks. So they like to outsource it to someone like you!

Social media has become extremely important, and there is a lot of work to be done. Instagram has the normal feed but also stories and IGTV. And Facebook and Youtube also have things like “stories”. Either way, these are full-time jobs that you can keep you going as a digital nomad.

You can manage anyone’s social media from anywhere in the world. The nice thing about this digital nomad job is that it is never a short project. Social Media means long term strategies that you as a Social Media Manager will implement. It means you will have a constant flow of income. This way you avoid financial stress when you are abroad.

person using both laptop and smartphone

2. Content Marketing Specialist

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is part of an SEO strategy. It is about using content with the goal of getting more engagement, traffic, and sales on social media and the clients’ website. Most of the time it means writing blog posts and other texts for organizations. Think of a blog post, product description, press release, etc. But content is more than just text. It’s also images, video, infographics, and tweets for example.

Creating and posting the new content on the clients’ marketing channels makes the brand more visible in search engines (SEO). That visibility translates into more organic visitors to the website and thus more potential customers. So in this case, your creating skills are worth money.

Read Why Content Marketing is Important in 2020.

3. Software & Web Developers

It’s a great business to work in: creating websites. It earns well and everybody needs a website these days. In addition to that, programming knowledge is no longer necessary because you can develop great websites with WordPress, SquareSpace, or another CMS’s (Content Management Systems).

On top of that, creating a website is exactly something that companies prefer to outsource rather than do themselves, so there are opportunities for you here. Especially once you have a few websites in your portfolio, you will see that it is getting faster and easier to land new projects.

Depending on the type of website to be delivered, the price varies between 800 and 3000 euros. Those are very good earnings for a digital nomad job. Many websites that people want are very simple and you can create them within a few days. Larger websites obviously take a bit more time, especially if more difficult programming languages (CSS, PHP) are needed. So if you’re just starting out as a digital nomad and you want a job as a developer, start creating a website for yourself first. The more you create, the more specialized you get.

Digital nomad jobs for everyone

4. Teach a language from all over the world

Have you ever seen yourself standing in front of a classroom? Maybe not. Fortunately, nowadays you can teach from anywhere in the world, simply via Skype. Of course, there must be something you know everything about. And no worries, you know more than you think! Consider, for example, teaching English (or another language) online. You can easily find your first students via platforms such as Preply and Italki.

Many people kick-started their digital nomad adventure as an online English teacher. With a huge demand for American English teachers in China, it is a great opportunity for anyone who aspires to become a digital nomad!

5. Video editing jobs for a digital nomad

Video is becoming the most important content for many brands. But creating and editing videos is a time-consuming job. It is therefore also something that companies like to outsource. With a few interesting e-courses online, you can quickly start as a video editor.

Think about e.g. editing company videos, creating wedding videos, composing after movies, or making short introduction videos. There are jobs in video editing for every skill level, ideal for a digital nomad!

All you need is a fast laptop, otherwise, it can be quite frustrating. Finding assignments as a video editor can simply be done in your network, but of course, you can also offer your services to film companies. First thing is to start your own YouTube Channel. This is where you post your personal travel videos and show your skills. The disadvantage for digital nomads is that for some video shooting jobs you have to be at a certain location. 

Video editing screen

6. Become an online coach as a digital nomad

To become an online coach, you need something that you are really good at, or have extensive experience/knowledge on a subject. It must be something that helps to solve the problem of someone else. Whether it’s HR, personal development, switching careers, spiritual card readings, playing the guitar, or singing. You can coach people to get to the same level as you are.

Online coaching comes in two packages: online e-courses and 1-on-1 coaching in video calls. 

In the online courses market, literally everything comes along. Setting it up takes some time, of course, but there is always someone who would like to master your knowledge and sharing your skills is, therefore, worth something. A great thing about your own online course is that when you travel around as a digital nomad, you can earn a passive income by selling it.

The 1-on-1 coaching market is tough, but once you have a good set up for your personal training program, it can be your main product. Most important is that you specify your target group, your buyer persona. It is the base of your marketing plan and it affects everything (what language do you/they speak, which channels do you/they use, what keywords do you/they use, etc.). 

There are many free resources out there that help you setting up your online coaching program, for example, Udemy.

online coach in cafe on the phone

7. Online Advertising Specialist

When I say online advertising I mean advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google advertising (SEA), and for example advertising with Affiliate Marketing.

It is relatively easy to quickly become an expert in a profession such as Facebook advertising. If you have the expertise to do this, you can get started for companies fairly quickly because there is a great demand for it. We’re not saying it isn’t complicated, Facebook has a lot of details, but with a few good online courses and for example, experience within the company you work in now, you can get started in a couple of months. 

Many organizations that have a strong focus on product innovations, do not have the time or focus to look at online advertising. Their strength is knowledge and innovating their product. They do know about online advertising and the different tools, but not how it actually works. Nor do they have the time to invest in learning about it. That is exactly where an online advertising expert comes in.

To earn an income with online advertising you need to know what you are talking about. Therefore, study the different channels well, do some courses, get certificates from the big players, and apply it on your own personal accounts first.

facebook button pins

8. Write an e-book and travel around with your earnings

No matter if you are an experienced writer or not, publishing e-books on Amazon, or on your own platform is a great way for passive income. You don’t even have to write the e-book yourself, as long as you can sell it. You can hire a ghostwriter, which is also a great job for digital nomads!

And don’t overestimate it, it doesn’t have to be the new Harry Potter. Think of an e-book of between 10,000 and 15,000 words on a subject that you find interesting.

To sell many e-books on an external platform, it is important that the target group is clear. Before you start writing, think about who the target audience is and be specific. 

For example, the e-book “How do you deal with a burn-out as a single mother” will probably do better than “How do you deal with a burn-out”. The first title specifically addresses the target group where the second title does not. In addition, the second title has much more competition and is, therefore, more difficult to sell. The more specific the better, although it should of course not be too specific. 

When you have written and published an e-book it is time to start selling it. Because an e-book does not sell itself, it is important to have a good strategy.

A common tactic is to first give the eBook away for free in exchange for reviews on your chosen platform. This will rank you higher in the search results and more people will find and buy your e-book. There are multiple strategies to sell your ebook as a digital nomad, so do your research before you start!

person reading story in Amazon Kindle tablet

9. Dropshipping

It’s absolutely not the easiest, and you have to work real hard to succeed in it. But when you do, dropshipping is absolutely the best way of making money online. Dropshipping means that you sell products online to customers without taking care of the stock and distribution yourself. So you run a webshop, but you don’t stock up or deliver the products.

So what you do as a dropshipper, is purely promoting and selling the products. Most of the time these are Chinese products, which are very cheap on Aliexpress.

A dropshipper starts his own online store via e.g. Shopify. He uses applications such as Oberlo for distribution, and in this way, he only deals with selling the products. It sounds complicated, and if you have no experience with online marketing, it probably is. But if you do know how this works, it will be super easy to set it up. The trick is not building the webshop, it’s promoting the products in the right way.

As a dropshipper, you are mainly involved in selling products. This can be done in many different ways and the success of your dropshipping business depends entirely on your online marketing skills. 

Sidenote: Online marketing is a must-have skill for every digital nomad. Whatever you do, you have to know how to promote yourself.

Either way, dropshipping is a golden business model for digital nomads and is widely used. But while there are plenty of success stories, many web shops are drowning in the sea of ​​competition. It takes motivation, determination, and a lot of energy (and sometimes money) before you will be successful in dropshipping. 

So do not start dropshipping if you are not a go-getter. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Then go full. Once set up, this provides a huge source of income.

Digital nomad on the job

10. Online translator

If you are multi-linguistic, this digital nomad job is for you. Your direct competitor is Google translate, which is getting better at translating by the day. 

Interestingly, depending on which languages ​​you speak you can earn more. Some languages ​​are more popular than others. But, in the end, how much you earn with jobs as a translator depends on your negotiating skill too.

white and black now hiring signage

Where to find jobs for a digital nomad?

Alright! So you’ve decided to quit your 9 to 5 job and travel the world while working! Or maybe you still have doubts. Because yes, to be a digital nomad, you have to find work first. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites where you can find jobs for digital nomads.

These are the websites that are well-known to find new digital nomad jobs:

Then there are also these three, but the jobs on these sites will not make you rich. Start here if you need experience above money:


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