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Why you need to hire an SEO Specialist in 2021.

by Josien - 21 Sep, 2020

Why you need to hire an SEO Specialist in 2021.

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As a Freelance SEO Specialist (search engine optimization specialist), I help companies to integrate SEO into their marketing strategy. I inform them of their website performance in Google and why they rank for certain positions. I explain what SEO is, how it works, create a review report for their website, and include an SEO strategy on how to start hitting that number one position in Google.

If you think that an SEO specialist will only focus on writing blog posts for you, you got it all wrong. SEO is a lot more than just content creation. If your goal is to attract more customers, and you think that writing an awful lot of articles will make you number one in Google Search, forget about it. Search Engines, like Google and Bing, crawl websites for much more than people know. And that’s why you should consider hiring an SEO specialist.

What is the added value of SEO?

The biggest and probably most important reason to invest in SEO is that you are less dependent on paid search traffic. Additionally, investments in SEO have a positive long-term effect. SEO generates a continuous flow of visitors to your website, even if you temporarily have less to spend.

    What is your SEO score?

    Enter a web page or website URL and see how it is optimized for your main keyword. Leave your information below and receive a keyword scan from me personally!

    SEO consists out of 3 main pillars:

    On-page SEO

    On-page SEO is the process of optimizing different parts of your website that affect your search engine optimization. Some factors that belong to this are the title, your meta descriptions, correct use of headings, URL structures / permalinks, keyword optimization, chosen ALT text for images, the speed of your website, overall content, and internal links. This could be a lot of work, depending on how many pages you already have on your website.

    Off-page SEO / Linkbuilding

    With Off-page SEO you focus on increasing the authority of your domain by generating referral links from other websites. This is also known (and part of) as Linkbuilding.
    But don’t think you can just go ahead and leave your website URL on every forum you can find. It is NOT about collecting as many links as possible. You have to make sure that these referring links are of high quality. It is always better to have 10 high-quality links than 100 low-quality links. We can figure out which websites have a high domain authority on Google with tools like and SEMRush (offers 7 days free trial).

    Technical SEO

    Compare SEO to building a house. Technical SEO is the foundation on which you build the house. It gives your website an important basis and ensures that Google can find, understand, and display the website’s pages in the search results. In short, an important part that can not be missed in your SEO strategy.

    Google Neon Sign - How to optimize for search engines like Google
    Google is SEO Specialist’s best friend

    What does an SEO Specialist do?

    An SEO specialist offers you valuable insights and completes the ‘picture’, in order to permanently improve your results and hit your goal. An SEO specialist gives you the necessary insights to:

    – Improve your Google ranking for divers keywords
    – Improve the user experience of your website
    – Use content marketing to the needs of your customers
    – Focus on conversions and increase sales

    What can I do for you as SEO Specialist?

    As a Freelance SEO Specialist, I can help your company to understand how your website performs in Google. Together with you, I will search for the best keywords for generating visitors, sales, or leads!

    How? SEO consists of many steps and a lot of research. The following are part of my SEO plan that I roll out based on the business goals. I’m not giving out all the details here, but this should give you a good example of which tips, tricks, jargon, and SEO subjects I cover when hiring me as your SEO Specialist.

    Smartphone showing results in Google Search Engine Optimization
    How to get ranked number one in Google?

    SEO Strategy

    This is the total report containing on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical recommendation. This full report will be leading (but not ruling) when putting it to action.

    SEO Techniques

    Conducting a thorough technical analysis of the website and creating a list of improvements.

    Keywords Analysis

    The most time-consuming part of creating an SEO strategy. What keywords does the target audience use when looking for the products or services offered? Which keywords use the competitors and how do they rank for it? Which keywords are ‘out of our league’ and which ones are available for us and easy to rank for? The result of this thorough research is a complete list of 1000+ keywords. You can do this with tools like, SEMrush (offers 7 days free trial), or KWfinder. But there are many free tools for keyword research that I highly recommend, before starting with these paid tools.

    Log File Analysis

    The log file analysis for SEO is the process whereby you check which web pages of your site are picked up by search engines, based on the logs of your website. After all, the website logs contain information about every interaction on the site, both from people and from search bots.

    Based on the log file(s) of your website, which every webmaster can deliver to you or which you can download from the server, and with the help of an Analysis tool (such as Screaming Frog) you can check whether your website functions correctly in terms of SEO. Logs contain incredibly accurate data that allow you to better understand how search engines interpret your website.

    Content Optimization done by SEO Specialist

    Is the current content stream on the website in line with the keywords your customers use in search engines and the needs of the customers? How do the current pages rank in Google? How can they be optimized? Which ones are quick-wins and which ones are only damaging the website’s reputation? All research on this in one great overview!

    people working on SEO together with SEO Specialist

    Website Migration with a SEO Specialist

    A new design, extensions, or new functionality. There can be several reasons to give a website a “big” update. An update that affects search engine visibility and thus traffic to the website when:

    1. The content on the website changed and / or
    2. The addresses of the pages on the new website change.

    There are seven individual steps for moving a website to a new domain or CMS, which I explain in this article: Migrate your website in 7 steps.

    SEO Reporting

    Besides optimizing your website for certain keywords, you also need to keep an eye on your progress. With a tool like DashThis it is much easier to keep an overview of your pages and where they are moving to in terms of ranking. An SEO Specialist can prepare this advanced and automated SEO reporting for you, as well as monitoring the statistics.

    Local SEO

    Investigations by Google themselves have shown that companies that are found via a local search on a smartphone are visited in half of the cases by the same smartphone user within 24 hours. With other devices, such as tablets or laptops, it is more than a third of the people. The local search results are often shown at the top: a golden opportunity for your company to profile you well via search engines.

    Local SEO consist of multiple steps, which I will elaborate on in my reporting to you when you hire me as SEO Specialist.

    International SEO

    Besides Local SEO, there is also International SEO. What if you do get ranked in Googles top 10 for a certain keyword, but it is in a country where you barely sell anything? With a few easy tricks, this is quickly solved.

    Google News

    The question is: how will my article appear on Google News, and preferably on Frontpage news on the “normal” results page? Google wouldn’t be Google if it wasn’t for an algorithm. The algorithm itself is of course unknown. Nevertheless, we know a number of factors that influence the ranking, which you can respond to. You will find them in my SEO strategy reporting to you.

    SEO Domain Authority

    The domain authority is a value within the Google sorting algorithm. The actual domain authority is not released by Google, but what comes close is the domain authority that is calculated by websites like

    SEO Knowledge Sharing

    As SEO Specialist I also guide Junior SEO Specialists within organizations I work with. I strongly believe in knowledge sharing and I am happy to train others about SEO.

    Men and Women cheering for SEO Specialist results

    How does Google work?

    Google’s ranking algorithm is the most advanced in the world. During a search, they consult hundreds of billions of websites (in the search index) in a fraction of a second. The algorithm of other major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo are years behind this algorithm. Google is (with the exception of YouTube and Google Maps) the market leader by approximately 92.5%. With this information, I focus most of my work on this search engine.

    Google explains on its own website how these ranking systems work.

    Google’s algorithm is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. It is basically only known how Googlebot works, and it looks a bit like this:

    Crawl, render, index and rank

    First of all, Google crawls a page. Part of this page is indexed immediately. This index contains links to other documents (often an HTML document refers to HTML, CSS, and JS files for more information). These links will be added to the crawl queue. This is also Googlebot’s primary method of discovering new pages, using links the way visitors do.

    The JavaScript files are sent to the renderer. Google is currently the only search engine that can read (almost) all JavaScript frameworks. When the renderer has enough resources available, the JavaScript is executed and indexed.

    As an SEO specialist, do I only focus on Google?

    During my work, I mainly focus on Google. The reason behind this is simple: when you optimize a website for Google, you often optimize it for the other search engines as well. Google’s algorithm is ahead of the others. The algorithms of the other search engines value the same factors but cannot test them in the same way as Google.

    Want to hire me as your SEO Specialist?

    Perfect! You can reach me via this website, my email (josiengalama[at] and or by Skype: josiengalama

    Looking forward to helping you increase your Google Ranking!

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