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NATRUE is the strictest international quality label for natural cosmetics. This label guarantees that the production takes place in an environmentally friendly manner.

To do this Natrue has three variants: a label for organic cosmetics, a label for natural cosmetics and a label for natural cosmetics with organic ingredients. Natrue is the only label that makes the distinction in this way.

Only a limited number of additives and processing techniques can be used in the production of cosmetics with the Natrue label. There is a strict ban on the use of harmful substances and harmful production processes. There are also criteria that limit the amount of packaging per dose and a ban on certain packaging materials, such as PVC. Moreover, there is a ban on GMOs.

However, nanomaterials are permitted. There are no threshold values or the biodegradability of the products and the toxicity to aquatic life. The ingredients must not be organic. There are no criteria for the reduction of packaging waste. The label does not offer quality standards.

Animal welfare

Natrue pays partial attention to animal welfare. The products are not tested on animals. However, the ingredients could come from dead animals, which sounds super freaky. 

Natrue guarantees that:

  • Products contain 100% natural ingredients
  • The entire production chain is human and nature-friendly
  • Products are free of animal testing

A product with a Natrue label is completely free of:

  • Synthetic fragrances and dyes, or preservatives
  • Silicones or derivatives, nor derivatives of petroleum (paraffin, peg, propyl, alkyl, etc.)
  • Genetically engineered ingredients

Natrue uses 3 levels to determine the bio-share in natural care products:

  • Natural cosmetics
    It contains only 100% natural ingredients.
  • Natural cosmetics with bio-share
    It contains 100% natural ingredients with a minimum share of 70% organic ingredients.
  • Biocosmetics
    It contains 100% natural ingredients with a minimum proportion of 95% organic ingredients.


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