Life as Digital Nomads in Mexico City

Life as Digital Nomad in Mexico City

by Josien - 20 May, 2020

Life as Digital Nomad in Mexico City

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Mexico City: a city of many contrasts. Although it is chaotic and busy, the city also has a traditional, modern, and quiet side. Mexico City is one of the biggest cities on the planet and with unlimited options on how to live your life, it’s very appealing to ex-pats and digital nomads. We made a list of pros and cons for Digital Nomads in Mexico City:

Pro 1. Co-working spaces for digital nomads in Mexico City

This city hosts so many expats, remote workers, and travelers, it’s a community on its own! We stayed in the neighborhood La Condesa and went to the co-working space a.255 Social Working Club. From the moment we arrived, we were added to a Whatsapp group with other digital nomads in Mexico City. It was overwhelming how fast we made friends and planned trips with these ‘strangers’. So if you’re traveling alone, there is no need to worry about your social life. Go to one of the many co-working spaces in Mexico City and the social life will follow!

Pro 2. Limitless things to do in Mexico City

As Digital Nomad in Mexico City, you will love to explore and experience as many different places as you can. But watch out: Mexico City will keep you busy! There are so many great musea, parks, tours, and historical sights, you can easily lose yourself and be a full-time tourist when in Mexico City. So plan your time wisely. We made list of our favorite things in Mexico City, but this is a small summary:

  • Hot Balloon Ride above the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon
  • Xochimilko boat rides
  • Museum of Antropologia
  • Sabado Market in Coyoacan

Pro 3. Affordable housing for digital nomads in Mexico City

You may think that Mexico City is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! As experienced travelers, we know how to find cheap apartments, and for Mexico City there is no difference.

We always stay in La Condesa, our favorite neighborhood, but also a bit pricier. We have been here a few times and the average price for a month’s rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $ 1400 USD. But most of the time we find something cheaper or we negotiate the price with the owner. Mark that if you rent for a full month on Airbnb, you most of the time get monthly discounts.

Read more about the neighborhoods of Mexico City and where to stay.

If you are looking for just a few days, the rent of the same apartment is around $ 50 USD a night. And with this personal Airbnb invite from us, you get $ 40 USD discount on your first booking.

Con 1. No beach

There is only one thing that is missing in Mexico City and that is the beach. It’s one of the first things a digital nomad in Mexico City complains about. No paradise-palmtree-cocktail pictures for your Instagram will be made here. So if you really are a beach bum, don’t go to Mexico City for the long run. Go to Puerto Escondido instead 😉

Con 2. Mexico City’s Elevation

Because Mexico City is built on a mountain lake, it’s elevated to 2.250 meters. This sounds like a minor detail, but it has a big impact on many tourists. Read all about it here.


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