Free workspaces in Amsterdam for digital nomads, expats and remote workers

Free workspaces in Amsterdam (21 tips!)

by Josien - 19 May, 2020

Free workspaces in Amsterdam (21 tips!)

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I have worked in Amsterdam for over 7+ years, so I have a good list of coffee bars with free WiFi which I share here with you. These are the best free workspaces in Amsterdam for digital nomads, ex-pasts, and remote workers.

The nice thing about being a self-employed person is, of course, that you can decide where you work. Perhaps this will not be the case every day, but there will be enough days that you as a digital nomad can go anywhere you like. It is, of course, boring to always work from home, so it may be an idea to work every other day from a cafe or bar. The change of environment ensures a positive and fresh mindset and is absolutely helping with your productivity!

Free workspaces in Amsterdam

Working outside your home (and I don’t mean at the office) is really contemporary and it has a positive effect on many people. It generally provides higher productivity and a better mood. Working in a different environment every day, therefore, has a positive effect on many people. That is why the number of lunchrooms and coffee houses where you can work is increasing in Amsterdam.

Not only self-employed people like to use the free Wi-Fi while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Students, for example, are increasingly opting to avoid the library but to get to work in a coffee bar. Fortunately, there is more than enough choice for freelancers and students in the Dutch capital, as there are countless of these free workspaces in Amsterdam:

CT Coffee & Coconuts

This former cinema in De Pijp has been converted into a beautiful lunchroom, where you can also order coffee. It is located in the old Belt Theater. That should provide more than enough inspiration to work productively. The wooden tables, white chairs, and gray beanbags create a characteristic atmosphere.


Hutspot is without doubt one of the hotspots of Amsterdam when it comes to free workspaces. It is kind of a shop, where you can buy everything, but where you can also have a snack and drink a cup of coffee. There is a creative atmosphere, where you can undoubtedly work peacefully. Hutspot can be found in the Van Woustraat.


Zoku is also such a characteristic and homely lunchroom, where you can work wonderfully. They serve healthy snacks, nice coffee and there is more than enough space to sit. The most special is without a doubt the bar. This is a “work bar” where you can work side by side in a long line while sitting at the bar. Zoku can be found in the Weesperstraat.


In Amsterdam-East you will find the striking workplace Generator. It is a beautiful building, which dates from 1917 (and is part of the university) and is located at Oosterpark. The building has been completely modernized inside. The large windows and striking colors are very characteristic.

Vinnies (one of my favorite free workspaces in Amsterdam)

Vinnies is perhaps one of the most famous free workspaces in Amsterdam. In this cozy lunchroom, you can work while enjoying a healthy lunch. It can be found in the Haarlemmerbuurt.

White Label Coffee

In the Baarsjes you will find White Label Coffee. This is a typical coffee place where you can work really well and there is plenty of room. You can choose a place with a view in front of the window or you can sit in the back, where it is a bit quieter.

The Student Hotel

This place used to be Trouw, a bit of an underground techno party place, but it no longer is. It has been converted into the Student Hotel, where you can work in the spacious lobby with comfortable lounge sofas. During your break, you can have a nice cup of coffee or even play a game of table tennis.

Stroom (one of my favorite free workspaces in Amsterdam)

In the Ferdinand Bolstraat, you will find the brand new Stroom. This is a hip place where you can eat and drink, but also work quietly.


The lounge of Bluespoon in the Andaz is perfect for your business appointment, where you can have a nice meal on sofas and comfortable chairs while enjoying those delicious Bluespoon cookies with your coffee. If you actually want to get work done, turn right in the “library” when entering. Here you will find a sort of a living room with a large table where you can sit and work with eight people, but usually, this table is empty. Below the fruit bowl you will find a socket to charge your phone or laptop and behind you is a coffee maker and unlimited free cookies!

Bistro Berlage

At the head of the Beurs van Berlage you will find the beautiful Bistro Berlage. This spot is ideal for having a quick meeting with people who come to Amsterdam by train and in good weather you are lucky with the terrace on Beursplein.

Protip: In the last century, there were not that many people with a mobile phone or laptop, so this old building is lacking in terms of amount of electricity points. So bring a full laptop or go for a spot in the corner.

Café de Jaren

In the heart of Amsterdam, at the canals, you will find Café de Jaren. A spacious café with a restaurant, bar, and terrace, where you can enjoy lunch, dinner, and meetings. It is a place in the middle of the city, very busy on weekends and during the week ideal to open up your laptop and work there. Also, on the first floor, you can host meetings for up to 34 people in a private room with a view over the Amstel.

Cloud Art & Coffee

Cloud Art is an asset to the city. Coffee and art in an inspiring environment. Various temporary exhibitions can be seen at Cloud Art & Coffee Amsterdam, such as photography, paintings, and/or art objects. The exhibition changes every 6 weeks, so this is a free workspace in Amsterdam where I like to come a little more often to work – usually briefly.

Monks Coffee Roasters

The coffee connoisseur who runs Monks does not do a low-fat-double-shot-caramel-mocha-coffee. You drink your coffee or tea white, black, or filtered. With a brownie on the side. You sit nice and quietly, again no fuzz, at one of the (quite many) seats or at the large communal table at the back of the store. Love it!

Vascobelo V-Bar

Vascobelo V-bar was there for a while, and now also on the Rijnstraat. It is a great place to work with a laptop for a whole day. Not unimportant: what about the coffee? It is brewed at 92 degrees, no more or less, exactly 92 degrees, because that is how the men of Vascobelo like their blend best. I can’t blame them.

Scandinavian Embassy

Scandinavian Embassy is located at the Sarphatipark in de Pijp, a sneaky favorite of everyone who sometimes spends an afternoon working from home. You have to order in English, great!, and it is wonderfully refreshing, slightly different, and exactly like in Stockholm or Copenhagen. A busy place tho, so be here in the early hours.

Betty Blue

The place is as cozy as the name sounds, try Betty Blue. A beautiful, bright space, brightened up with a swipe of neon and a blob of color here and there. “Betty Blue is cake, coffee and sweet stuff,” they say. An inspiring place to work, a cozy place for meetings and a new favorite for our busy laptop afternoons. Especially when it rains (…). So, off to Betty!

De Werkplaats, Volkshotel

In a large open space, you’ll find long wooden tables with electrical outlets per sitting area. The large windows let a lot of light in and there are green plants everywhere. The nicest places are at the high tables by the window, where you can gaze outside while tapping away on your laptop. Also nice: de Werkplaats is open from seven in the morning. Ideal for early birds.

Canary Club

The youngest in this list of free workspaces in Amsterdam, but perhaps the very best of the bunch when it comes to a solid session with the laptop. What’s hot: they even furnished a long laptop table that is not uncomfortable for a change, but REALLY comfortable. Great spot!


Kessens is light, white, fresh and, bonus points, serves breakfast all day. Nice and simple. Pain au chocolate for example, always good, especially at Kessens, but they also have other classics (croissants, yogurt with granola, etc.). For this free workspace in Amsterdam, I recommend to walk all the way to the back and sit at the large table under the ceiling window so that you also have enough natural light.

Locals Coffee (one of my favorite free workspaces in Amsterdam)

First of all, this is just a very nice place. And a photogenic one, too. Not only do I think that: in the short time that Locals Coffee is open, it has become one of the most popular spots in Amsterdam’s popular neighborhood de Pijp. Rightly so too: the quiet atmosphere, the golden bar, the fine drinks – certainly not only coffee – and the tasty uncomplicated dishes. A perfect place to retreat with a coffee and laptop.


Bring a laptop, get a coffee, and connect with the wifi, easy at Mindspace! A place where the whole bunch of freelancers and digital nomads, companies, teams come together with one goal: to work. Okay, now and then you can also shop online, I won’t tell anyone.


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