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Flachauerhof, Biohotel in Flachau, Austria

by Josien - 23 May, 2020

Flachauerhof, Biohotel in Flachau, Austria

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It’s important that my carbon footprint is as little as possible (and yours too!). So everywhere I go, I try to stay as much as I can in eco Airbnb‘s of eco-friendly hotels. These are not always easy to find, so as long as they’re already trying to become green or giving back to natures’ resources, I’m already fan of their organization! So when my short trip to the Austrian Alps came up, I didn’t think twice to book my stay at the BioHotel in Flachau: Flachauerhof. 

What is a Biohotel?

First of all, I need to explain what a biohotel is and what you have to achieve to certificate your hotel with the name “biohotel”.

BIO HOTELS is an organization that started over ten years ago. Back then there were a few ‘green’ hotel owners who started collaborating in offering more sustainable and environment-friendly holidays. It focussed on making sustainability more accessible in the tourism branch. Nowadays BIO HOTELS is the biggest organization in eco-friendly hotels. With almost 100 hotels in seven different European countries, they offer everything you need for an organic stay, green holiday, eco-travel, or sustainable business weekend. Even wellness and spas are possible. 

Every biohotel is different from another, but they all have a few things in common. The guidelines of BIO HOTELS are as follows:

  • Sustainable economy
  • Buying local products
  • Use of eco-friendly energy
  • Recycling waste systems

You can read all about BIO HOTELS here. 

Biohotel Flachau - Sustainable travel

Biohotel Flachauerhof

This particular biohotel is located in the center of the beautiful village of Flachau, Austria, where I learned to ski as a little girl. I know this town by heart, yet there was a lot to discover for me! Including the 4-star family hotel I was staying this time. 

At the entrance of the hotel, I could immediately see this is an eco-friendly place to stay. I was warmly welcomed at the wooden service desk and the ambiance is peaceful, happy, and natural. The use of many natural products really gets to you! I felt at home from the very beginning! 

Since we were starving after a 10-hour drive from Amsterdam, we walked straight to the biological restaurant. It’s the only restaurant in the wide region of Salzburgerland with a 100% bio kitchen, serving traditional dishes without additives or flavor enhancers. Fresh, seasonal, and local products only. The hotel even has it’s own herb garden. Nice! I had a hard time picking a dish from the menu since they all looked delicious! But I was going to be there for a few days and had all the time to try them all! I went with the vegan beetroot salad and was already looking forward to the next days’ breakfast! 

Biohotel Flachau - Sustainable travel

The rooms at the biohotel Flachauerhof breathe the same comfortable vibe as the restaurant and lobby. After a long day on the slopes (or apres-ski) of Flachau, this is a very welcoming oasis! With designer wallpapers, a wooden floor of light oak, and a stylish interior, my room was both traditional and modern. The owners did a great job with the rooms in the newly renovated hotel wing! 

The rooms offer:

  • Free WiFi
  • 42-inch flat-screen
  • Radio
  • Modern bathroom, with hairdryer, shower/bath
  • Organic cosmetics (!)
  • 100% natural duvets
Biohotel Flachauerhof - Sustainable travel
Biohotel Flachauerhof - Sustainable travel

Wellness at Biohotel Flachauerhof

One of the best things during my stay in Flachau: the Spa! What else would you need when you’re coming back from a super active day? Exactly: a sauna. At the biohotel, you can choose between a Finnish sauna, a bio-sauna, a steam bath, an IR cabin, and an ice room (which I skipped, it was cold enough already). I tried all of course and I also booked a massage! They only offer massages with organic and 100% natural oils. Quality first! Oh man, if I could I would never have left… 

Sustainable travel

I can’t say it enough that sustainable travel is getting more important by the day. You can read all about it in my article about sustainable travel. I’m super happy to see that there are hotels collaborating to get more eco friendly and still offer high quality in hospitality. And, more importantly, it shows that it doesn’t have to be more expensive than other hotels in the area. You score real karma points and save the world when you stay at the biohotel Flachauerhof! 

You can book your stay at this biohotel here


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