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De Succeswinkel

by Josien - 04 Nov, 2020

De Succeswinkel

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When I saw Sylvia’s post on LinkedIn “what keywords would you use if you are looking for a change in your career” I jumped right in. As SEO Specialist I knew exactly what she struggled with: knowing your data and how to benefit from it.

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Who is de Succeswinkel?

De Succeswinkel, a Dutch career coaching company, is owned by Sylvia Heistek. Sylvia is a professional business-, life- and career coach that lets you connect with your inner self to find the (work) place that fits you best. She uses an innovative guidance methodology that is (up till now) pretty unknown: Quaning. This methodology is based on quantum mechanic principles and the paradigm-shifting vision on people and personal growth. A lot of difficult words that she focuses on, so how would she get organic traffic?

de Succeswinkel - Logo

What is de Succeswinkel looking for?

After our first call, I made a list of things that would help de Succeswinkel. Sylvia told me she was looking for ways to get more organic traffic through Google, how to be more visible online, and how to get more people interested in her service as a career coach. We also talked about what future results she was aiming for, her target group, what she has done so far for SEO, and eventually what she is offering as Quaner.

What she needed summed up:

  • New look&feel / UX of the website
  • SEO strategy and maintenance
  • Content Marketing and Strategy
  • Data


  1. Increase organic traffic by the end of the year
  2. Get at least 1 lead a day by the end of the year (phone, whatsapp, DM on Social Media, word of mouth, etc)
  3. Keep it personal, fresh and direct.

The Plan

My approach:

  • Get as much stats as you can on where the website is today:
    • Google Analytics and Search Console
    • SEMRush /
    • Ubersuggest
    • Facebook Page stats
    • LinkedIn visitors
    • Instagram engagement
  • Create an SEO Plan
  • Make Content Strategy Plan
  • Create a new (SEO proof) website (I created a separate plan for this step too)
  • Put both SEO and Content plan in motion
  • Keep tracking Google Ranking and Keywords ranking

Stats and Keyword Research

This is just a summary of my findings. For competitive reasons I am not sharing all the data that I found.

In terms of Google ranking, this is where we were at according to

Screenshot of on domain search in May 2020.

And in terms of keywords according to

Screenshot of Organic Keyword research in in May 2020.

As you can see in the above screenshot, something major happened in September 2019 and the number of organic traffic that de Succeswinkel used to have, dropped significantly. This is probably due to a major change in the Google Algorithm. Also, De Succeswinkel was found for only 15 keywords, which is very low.

In the below screenshot of you see which keywords De Succeswinkel was ranked for and the ranking position.

  • “Quaning”, the absolute no.1 service she is offering: position 18 (page 2)
  • “Natashja Heistek”, a mix of a clients first name and Sylvia’s last name.
  • No first page positions.
  • The home page not being the page of receiving most traffic of the entire website.

SEO Plan

After thorough keyword research I created an SEO plan that included, but was not restricted to, the following elements:

  • Brand new pages focussed on Quaning and career coaching with improved UX and design.
  • Create a blog and start writing on strategic and important keywords.
  • Linkbuilding
  • Site speed

Content Strategy Plan

The Content Strategy Plan was mainly created for more online visibility through Social Media, which indirectly had its effect on the SEO ranking too. It consisted, but was not restricted to, the following elements:

  • Mission, Goals, Content Types
  • Buyers Persona’s
  • 10×10 content methodology
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Creation and Posting

New look&feel / UX of the website

The website of the Succeswinkel looked like this when we started: see video below.

Previous website of De Succeswinkel.

The results

Let me recap real quick in case you jumped straight to results. In the last 6 months we created a new website with a blog. We post new articles every week, written for very specific (long-tail) keywords, and we posted content on social media on the daily.

This is the website today:

New website of De Succeswinkel

The new website is created in WordPress with a Divi theme and several plugins and some coding. We focus on people who are in doubt about their current job and/or working situation. For more background information on the thoughts on the UX and design, please reach out to me directly.

Results on ranking and keywords after 6 months

After six months of writing blog posts, posting daily on Social Media, and creating a lot of content for de Succeswinkel, these are the results:

From 15 organic keywords in May, to 154 keywords in October.

Now, the above screenshot does not show where these keywords are ranked. They could all be in the top 10, they could all be in the last 1000. Therefore the screenshot below. Here you see how many keywords are ranked in the top 3 (2), how many in 4-10 (5), how many between 11 and 50 (78), and how many between 51 and 100 (69).

Screenshot of Ubersuggest’s SEO Keyword Positioning of de Succeswinkel

Results of organic traffic over the last 6 months

To show the results of the organic traffic the website receives now, I show you a screenshot of the Analytics account.

In the first image you see the traffic in general. This is direct traffic, organic traffic, referrals and social traffic combined. Where in May it was around 70 visitors per month, in October it was at 225 monthly visitors.

To see where this extra traffic is coming from specifically, I show you a screenshot of the amount of visitors coming from organic traffic per month:

Daily visitors in general and zoomed in on Organic Traffic over the past months.

In this overview, you first see the traffic in general. A slow, but steady increase in traffic is visible. When you zoom in on Organic traffic only, you see that most of the increase comes from this source.

The future?

My advice to de Succeswinkel is to increase the number of blog articles a month and keep engaging people on social media. Right now it’s also time for link building and some other off-page SEO tips.

Do you want better search results in google too?

I can help! As SEO Specialist I help small businesses all over the world with their online visibility. Reach out to me and let me know what you’re struggling with. In a phone call of 30 minutes, I can tell you what to focus on and what I can do for you! And that call is for free of course 😉 Choose your way of contact here:


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