These are my 93 Instagram Tips & Tricks

93 Instagram Tips & Tricks

by Josien - 26 May, 2020

93 Instagram Tips & Tricks

Reading Time: 21 minutes

This article was written in 2018 – Instagrams’ algorithm has probably changed over the years.

More and more businesses move from Facebook to Instagram, simply because Instagram is growing faster and the prediction is that it will have more users than Facebook has ever had. So better to join now and know how to reach out to your (future) customers on this social platform too! These are my 93 Instagram Tips & Tricks.


If you want people to get to know you, follow you, like your posts, buy your products etc. you have to start looking at yourself first. What do people see when they check you out? Do they see your values, what you have to offer, and what they can expect? First impressions count! Especially on the interwebs!

1. Profile Picture

As said, the first impression is the most important, so make sure your profile picture meets the following requirements:

  • Professional and quality. Make sure your picture isn’t out of focus or made from an old mobile phone.
  • No text! Unless it’s your logo only.
  • Keep it simple and clear.
  • Recognizable, I want to recognize you when I meet you in person 😉

2. How to write a strong Instagram bio

A strong Instagram bio is like a great blog title: you want to invite your followers to look further. Your profile visitors read your bio as very first, and if it is a good one, they will scroll down your feed. They might even click through to your website or contact you for a possible collab. Who knows! If your bio is not appealing to them, most likely they will not return to your profile. Ever.

How to write a strong bio? Bring the exact info your favorite follower should know about you. A little summary:

  • Explain what they should expect when they follow you. What is your company/blog/profile all about and how can you help your followers? A few examples:
    • 9GAG: Watch. Laugh. Vote for the funniest #9GAGFunOffvideo
    • Remote Year: You bring the job, we provide the adventure. Travel the world while working remotely
    • Yoga: #1 Global Yoga Community. Sign up at the link in bio and Tag @Yoga for a chance to be featured
  • Share personal information so your followers identify themselves with you.
    “Wow, he lost 23 kg, I want that too. Inspiring!”.
  • Where are you from or where do you offer your products? Instagram is an international platform, and especially when your bio is in English, it is useful to let your followers know where you are. Are you a travel junky? Nothing more interesting to know where you are right now AND where you have been.
How to write a strong Instagram bio
How to write a strong Instagram bio

If you are completely lost, I’ve got a little assignment for you to get to the perfect elevator pitch. It’s not my own masterpiece but from the American author Alexandra Franzen. It only takes 30 – 45 minutes, and I’m sure you will come up with the right pitch! You can use this to write your bio.

3. Email address

Always, always, always add your email address to your profile. How can a potential client contact you if there is no contact detail to be found? And not only future clients, but what about PR agencies who are interested in a collaboration with you. Make it easy for followers to reach out to you. Always.

4. Website or link to freebie

Are you a blogger? Do you sell a product or a service online? Is there more about you that your followers should know? Offering an e-book, freebie, or giveaway? Do you have a personal YouTube channel? Whatever you have to offer, provide the link in your profile. Do not forget to explain a little bit about what can be found there. One golden rule here: make them curious, but never be misleading.

5. Change your profile to Public

With a private profile, you will not be found in hashtag summaries, and more important, nobody will see your beautiful pictures on your feed without following you first. I don’t think I need to say more 😉

6. Instagram Business Account

Another very important one. As soon as you have over 100 followers, connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. It will enable a few more features for you, such as:

  • What picture has the highest engagement over the past years, months, days
  • Where are your followers located
  • What it the best time to post
  • What gender and age are your followers

Super useful tools!


So, you’ve got a stunning profile pic, strong bio and your account is public. But who are you reaching out to? Who do you want to follow you? Who is your ideal follower? 

7. Who is your ideal customer and what do you offer on Instagram?

Who do you prefer as follower and what will you offer them once they follow? You have to know who you are talking to, why they follow you and why you want them as follower. You have to think beyond the point of “I want to sell my product to everybody who wants it”.

Everybody is not your target group.

Describe your favorite follower. From gender and age to hobbies, job and interests. Search for a few of them on Instagram, what do they post? Where are they? What do they do in their spare time? You need to know them, before you start. Your profile is about your product/service, but even more about your follower/client/customers! You’re not only offering your product/service on your IG profile, you’re selling a feeling, emotion, dream too. Two examples:

Poederbaas, a Dutch clothing line, specialized in winter clothing for skiing and snowboarding, selling everything that comes with the outdoor lifestyle in the winter (think of beanies, sunglasses, snapbacks and hoodies). But they are offering more than products on their Instagram. They are also selling the feeling of performing extreme sports, living an adventurous life and freedom. Ski fanatics want to be associated with them.

Who is your ideal follower on IG
Who is your ideal follower on IG - Instagram Tips & Tricks

Rens Kroes, a Dutch foodie, writes about power food and a healthy lifestyle. But she is selling more than just books with recipes. On her profile, you will find the feeling of happiness, being successful, being strong and being a business babe. Life is a party, no matter where you are, as long as you take care of your beautiful self.

8. Translate emotions to visuals

Think of what emotion or lifestyle fits your product/service best and how to put it in visuals.

Check the above profile of Rens Kroes, you’ll see pictures of finger-licking food, happy and smiling faces and a healthy lifestyle.

When you check the profile of Poederbaas, you will find pictures of outdoors, extreme sports and pushing yourself to the next level.

Extra exercise: Create mood boards on Pinterest. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot and find the inspiration for your Instagram pictures!

9. What other interests does your follower have?

Dive into everything you can find about your ideal follower. What other hobbies does he/she have, what age range, location, job, family etc. Take one person in mind and write everything down you think of with this person.

Why? Let’s go back to Rens Kroes, who is selling power food recipes. Big chance that her followers want to lose weight or live a healthier life. Check out her timeline, 1 out of 10 pictures is about the gym or a workout. She is not ALWAYS posting about the gym or food, she is posting about her ideal follower / life: happy, healthy and laughing. 

My advice here is not to post about your products ONLY, but also about everything that comes with it.


Now you know who your ideal followers are, why they follow you and why you want them to follow you. You know exactly which feeling you want to highlight. But what about the actual pictures itself?

10. Check the ‘exploring’ pages of Instagram

Keep an eye on the most trending pictures, maybe you will find the perfect style for your profile. Save those pictures for your mood board. Check the hashtags you want to focus on. What are others doing? How often do they post about their products? Do they post about other things too?

11. Use the power of storytelling

Tell your story through your pictures. Teach your followers something in a how-to video or inspire them with a great quote. Everything you post must have an underlying goal like:

  • How to: show your expertise
  • Inspire: make them share it with friends
  • Take action: go to website, blog, shop etc.
  • Happiness moment: the – “I don’t want to push it too much, so I will just post something to remind you I’m still here”- posts.

12. Post Quotes

I have a love-hate relationship with quotes. My personal rule is not more than 1 out of 10 posts is a quote, but I see a lot of strong Instagram profiles posting daily quotes. A few tips about this:

  • Make sure they match your product, feeling or ideal follower
  • Every quote you post must probably have the same font and coloring scheme (or it will mess up your feed) and put your brand/name in the picture
  • Download an app to create quotes easily ( or TextGram will do the trick)

13. Post “behind-the-scenes” pictures

Who doesn’t like a little sneak peak in the life of their favorite brand or idol? And it helps you build a stronger brand! Don’t worry about not looking pretty or showing a little bit more reality. This is the moment your follower really gets to know you. You’re also human, just like them. It shows reality, honesty and curiosity. This is also a chance to make some jokes and create a smile on your followers faces. Why so serious!?

@gordondufflinton - Instagram Tips & Tricks
@linklinecrew - Instagram Tips & Tricks
@whatsthepictures - Instagram Tips & Tricks

14. Post collages

I’m also not a big fan of collages, but again, there are some big names out there who make it work. I never use collages because it messes up my feed and I think the pictures in a collage are too small to show what I want it to show. I rather go for multiple pictures in one post, like a carousel.

You can use a collage for testimonials, to get creative or just to bring extra attention to your most popular posts. To create a collage, I recommend the app Layout. 


15. Post personal pictures

Now this one depends on what you are selling. If you’re focussed on a product that matches a lifestyle, you can post pictures of yourself living that life. If you are selling a service you are offering, then it’s an absolute must to show yourself in the feed. Take pictures of yourself at work on your laptop, or while creating a product. Show your followers what your day looks like, how you spend your spare time (maybe with family and friends) or what you love to eat. An excellent feature on Instagram for personal pictures and videos is Stories. I will get to that later in this guide.

16. Post Live Events

Post pictures of you attending events, conferences, masterminds or maybe product launches. The goal:

  • Sneak peak
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Show expertise

17. (Re-)post your followers

How cool is it when your followers post about your products! You absolutely must feature them in your feed (or stories) and thank them for using your product (and that you’re as happy as they are). The goal:

  • Motivate others to also buy your products
  • Show expertise, it works for others
  • Show the lifestyle your followers have when using your product
  • The follower in the spotlight might return to your shop and buy more

18. Post videos

Besides posting pictures, you can also post videos on Instagram. A video can be max 60 seconds and that is quiet long. Consider how long you watch videos of your favorite profiles. 2 or 3 seconds per picture is enough when you don’t read the text. So be sure about what you’re doing with videos. But if you’re a video editing ninja: go for it!

19. Post giveaways

Post pictures in which you give something for free. That can be a promotional code or exclusive interview, but also you’re newest product, blog or podcast. Don’t push this too much either.


20. Instagram takeover

Ask a social influencer to take over your account. The engagement will be super high and followers will rise from the ground. Do know that social influencers are being asked for a lot of promotional actions, so be sure the influencer matches your profile (maybe he/she is 100% your ideal follower) and knows what you have to offer.

21. Post only about the things that make you feel good

Again said: this is not the holy grail of Instagram. Do not follow the everything I say too strict. Your profile is about you and your products. If you’re not being yourself on your social media account, people will notice. It soon will be fake or too commercial and all the above will backfire at you. Not feeling confident about a video, don’t post it. 


Always post quality content, and don’t lack this rule. It’s not about how many posts a day or having over 1k posts already. The algorithm of Instagram is focussed on quality content. So what is this quality content?

22. Quality of the pictures

Use pictures with a minimal size of 1080 x 1080 px to keep the quality. Your picture must be sharp (or the product in the picture you want to highlight is sharp) and professional.

23. Take a lot of pictures

Practice how to take the best shot of your captured moment. Know how your camera or phone works best. Play with the light in pictures. Find out what the best angle is. The first picture is never the best. 

As example: when I post a selfie, know that it took me like 100 shots before I got the one I posted.

24. Use natural light

Your best pictures are taken with natural light, trust me. And the best time to take pictures outdoors is in the early morning or on cloudy days during the day. But please do not forget about the final hour before sunset (golden hour) or the first hour after sunset (blue hour). Think of these things to match your product and service.

25. Food pictures? Always from above

Are you out for dinner or did you just make the best lunch ever? Take a picture straight from above the plate. Only in this way the food keeps its delicious looks 😉

Ultimate Instagram Tips

26. Product pictures? Always from the side

Posting pictures of your product is of course an absolute must, but make sure the product is shown from the front. Do not hold your camera in an angle.

Differences between good and better. Do you see the difference? 


27. Product pictures? Always new and untouched products

I don’t think I have to explain this one if you check these 3 examples: 


28. Use white space

With more white space in your pictures, you keep your complete feed calm and clear. Stay away from the messy pictures. How to do this?

  • Use a white wall as background for your outfit/product posts
  • Take pictures of white offices, coffee corners or white details
  • Product placing with white backgrounds
  • Quotes on a white background

You can change white for any color you like, I use white and blue for example.

29. Balance everything out

A new follower screens the first 9 till 12 pictures and these must be representing everything you stand for. If your latest posts were 12 quotes and nothing about your product, your new follower is most probably gone. Therefor my rule is that I only post quotes every 10 pictures (IF I post quotes). I little assignment for you:

Write down the numbers 1 till 12 and behind every number what you want to post about. For example:

  1. Personal
  2. Product
  3. Quote
  4. Workspot / coffee
  5. Personal
  6. Product
  7. Video
  8. Etc etc etc

Keep a close eye on this list and follow up on it. Like this you create a well-balanced profile!

Extra tip: do you want to know how your feed will look without posting all your pictures yet? Use the Instagram planner apps VSCO cam or!

30. Branding on Instagram

This is the one most people forget about. If the content is 100% yours, and you don’t want anyone else getting credits for it, place your logo on it. You will be surprised how many pictures get ‘stolen’ from other accounts. It’s a war out there.

Another important thing is that consistency (yes, again consistency) in the colors you use is highly recommendable. Do you have a color that you use on your website or in your logo (like I have with white and blue)? Use that same color in your pictures. Search for that coffee bar with cups in that color, use it as font color in your quotes and wear clothes that match that color. 

Check out your favorite profiles on Instagram and you will find out that most of them use coloring schemes.


Don’t we all love to take a selfie from time to time! And a beautiful research from Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs shows that pictures with faces have 38% higher chance on likes than pictures without faces. So let’s get that selfie cam up and take some shameless selfies!

But, on the other hand… other researchers say that taking multiple selfies a day shows narcissism and mental illnesses, so be careful 😉

Do you want to post selfies on your Instagram feed or stories, please use the following tips:

31. Don’t post too many

Ok, not because of the mental illnesses, but because you will lose followers instantly. Your Instagram is not about you (yup, really), it’s about your followers, who they want to be or what they want to have. Would you follow IG accounts if they only post selfies?

32. Use natural light

Again, about the natural light, I hear you. But I can’t say it enough: use natural light. Especially when it comes down to selfies. You don’t want to have a yellow glow on your skin or be in the dark. Move your face to the light, try not to squeeze your eyes and take a picture.

33. Know your good side

I know that every modeling agency wants to kill me now, but everybody has a ‘better side’. Your face is not symmetric, so there will always be a side you think is better. Lucky you if you like both sides of course!


You know now what kind of pictures you want to post and how to take them, you’re almost there! Last, but not least, before you post them, you edit them.

34. Download apps for editing

Never worked with Photoshop before? No worries, there are many apps out there which are WAY easier than Photoshop. The most popular apps are:

  • Photo Editor of Aviary
  • Afterlight
  • PS Express (personal favorite)
  • VSCO cam
  • Airbrush (for your selfies)
  • Squaready
  • Overgram (if you want to add text to your pictures)

Don’t forget you have many editing options on Instagram already, and Instagram keeps innovating these as well.

35. Use the right colors

As said before, pick the colors that match your brand and use them in your pictures. If you don’t have a consistent color yet, go for the natural colors like blue, green and grey. They tend to do better than the warm colors like red, yellow and orange.

36. Desaturated pictures are better than saturated pictures

Do I have to explain this? 😉

37. Bright and shiny pictures are better than dark pictures

Same same

38. Don’t overdo it

Don’t over edit your picture. They should still look very real and normal. And we still want to recognize you when we meet in person!

Ultimate Instagram tips


You’ve taken your pictures, edited them and you’re ready to post. But when is the right time?

39. Think about your followers

Remember, you described your ideal follower before. You know what their day looks like. When they sleep, where they work, when they have breaks: when they check their Instagram? Most likely in the morning before 9 AM and evenings after dinner.

Extra tip: When you have over 100 followers, you can connect your FB page to your Instagram Business profile. From that day moving forward you are able to see statistics of your posts and followers. Including when your followers are the most active on the platform. 

40. Respond to the time of the day

Did you just take the best picture of your breakfast? Post it in the morning. Think about what your followers are doing at that very moment and if they are doing the same or would wish they were doing the same. Inspire your followers, don’t brag.


41. Respond to the time of the week

Who hasn’t seen the Lazy Sunday, Happy Friday or blue-Monday posts.


42. Frequency

With the latest update of Instagram (Nov 2017), it’s even more important that you post quality pictures, instead of lots of pictures. Still you have to know what the limit is your followers will accept.

The average of posting pictures is once a day. When you just started with Instagram you would want to fill your account, so two a day is fine too (unless you have no followers at all, then you can post them all at once).

As soon as you have over 10.000 followers you can increase the number of posts a day to three or even four. As long as you are not spamming your audience, you’re good to go. Do you want to post multiple posts a day? Be sure you keep at least two hours between the posts. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t like bulk posts.

Extra tip: With apps like and Hootsuite you can schedule posts. You only have to set them in the app, add a due date and the app will give you a reminder when it’s time to post it. Love it!


As you might have noticed: I ♥ CONSISTENCY. It makes or breaks your Instagram feed. This also counts for blogs and website by the way, but that is something else I won’t bother you with right now. 

Keep your colors, fonts, alignments and bio in the same style and you’ve got nothing to worry about!

43. Be present and recognizable

Think about when and how often you want to post, make a plan and stick to that. Just like the schedule for what type of pictures you want to post in PART 4.28. Work ahead with apps like or Hootsuite, it saves you precious time!

44. Use a theme

Accounts with a theme are doing really well on Instagram. Check out these lovely feeds:

Instagram tips

45. Try out different accounts

You can manage up to five accounts in your Instagram app. Besides your main account you can add others or test accounts. A test account is the best way to test and tweak, just to play around before posting it on your official feed. Trial and Error.

Do know that you need an unique email address per IG account.

46. Use the same filter

Fan of filters? Always use the same filter to keep consistency.


A hashtag is a keyword or a phrase used to describe a topic or a theme. For example, “#dogs” could be a hashtag, but so could “border collie puppy training”. One is a broad word and the other is a phrase that’s far more specific. Always write the words together as one before you use it as hashtag, like: #bordercolliepuppytraining

You can use max 30 hashtags in one post. If you go over that number, your entire text will be erased without warning. 

47. Always use the most relevant hashtags

Make a list of hashtags that should always be posted with your pictures and make them your own. As you can imagine I always post my pictures with #digitalnomad and #saltedpro. Do your research and find yours. You want to be found on these.

48. Frequently used hashtags

Research which hashtags are frequently used in your niche, you want to be in that list too. Do watch out for an overkill of general hashtags. When all of your chosen hashtags are used too much, your pictures will get lost between all the others (and you are far from being original). I recommend hashtags that are more specific and lesser used. It increases your chances of being seen by the right followers.

Popular, but less original hashtags are:

  • #love
  • #travel
  • #me
  • #tbt
  • #happy
  • #summer
  • #smile
  • #instadaily

Rather go for:

  • #lovetotravel
  • #roadtoafrica
  • #nomadiclifestyle
  • #happygirlsaretheprettiest
  • #newproductsinstore

49. Trending hashtags

Keep an eye on the trending hashtags, maybe you can jump on it too, even if it’s just for a day

50. Use all 30 hashtags

Use as many hashtags as possible, but when you have more hashtags than ‘normal’ text in your posts, you’re overkilling it. Don’t randomly throw with hashtags and balance it out. (10 very general hashtags, 10 medium used hashtags and 10 very specific niche-based hashtags)

51. Create your own hashtag

#alwayscocacola, #yeswecan, do I need to say more?

52. Use funny or unique hashtags

Not all hashtags have to exist yet. Be the first! The use of hashtags is mainly for search options, but who cares if you can have a little fun with it. Let’s post your first picture with #myveryfirstinstagrampostandimrockingit

53. Don’t use hashtags gimmicks

Hashtags like #like4like or #followme will get you followers on short term, but not the followers you want. These are for sure not your ideal followers you described earlier. People only post these hashtags so you will follow them, but they aren’t interested in you at all. Stay away from the gimmicks if you want a sincere community.

54. Weekday hashtags

You can use the popular weekday hashtags. These are being used quiet often:


  • #ManCrushMonday
  • #MusicMonday
  • #MeowMonday (for the cat lovers)
  • #ManicMonday
  • #MondayBlues


  • #TravelTuesday
  • #TuesdayBoozeDay
  • #TransformationTuesday
  • #TuesdayTreat
  • #TuesdayVibes


  • #WednesdayWines
  • #WellnessWednesday
  • #WisdomWednesday (for your quotes)
  • #WayBackWednesday (counterpart of ThrowbackThursday)
  • #WomanCrushWednesday


  • #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday
  • #ThirstyThursday
  • #Thursdate
  • #ThankfulThursday
  • #ThursdayNight


  • #HappyFridays
  • #Friyay
  • #FridayFunday
  • #FridayNight
  • #FridayFeeling


  • #SaturdayNight
  • #SaturdaySwag
  • #SexySaturday
  • #SaturdayMorning
  • #SaturdayShopping


  • #SundayFunday
  • #SundayQuote
  • #SundayMorning
  • #SundayCoffee
  • #SundaySesh

55. Place your hashtags as a comment

Instead of placing the hashtags in the text of the picture, you can comment on your own picture with the hashtags. This makes the post a lot cleaner and you will still be found in the search results. Do comment right after placing the post, you don’t want to reply with hashtags after somebody else commented on your picture first.

This makes it also possible to use more than 30 hashtags!

56. hashtags like #spon #ad #paid

Always use one or more of these hashtags when you are being sponsored to post that picture. Honesty is important and you are allowed to be proud to be the face of another brand.

57. Use geotag / location

You can be found on your usage of hashtags, but also on the location. Super interesting! Are you at a special location, a good restaurant or a great festival? Tag your picture and it will be shown to others when visiting that location after you.


Don’t be shy when people talk to you, in real life you won’t ignore them either.

58. The description below your Instagram post

With your perfect picture comes the perfect text. Think about what your message is and invite your followers to comment. Share something personal or that they would recognize from their own experience. This is your chance to finish the story you want to tell by your pic.

59. Unlimited text

In contrast to the hashtags, for text there is no limit! Where most Instagrammers only use one or two sentences, it’s recommended to use a little bit more to tell your story and ask for comments. Don’t start your novel here, but do elaborate about your post and brand.

60. Ask questions

Do you want comments? Start asking questions! For example:

  • You’re going on a holiday to Bali. Ask your followers for recommendations
  • It’s a sunny day. Ask your followers how they spend their day
  • You post a picture of your breakfast. Ask your followers what they had for breakfast
  • You’re working on a new product. Ask your followers if they can guess what it is about

61. Call to action

A call to action asks your follower to do something. Think of:

  • Answering your question
  • Tag a friend
  • Like your post
  • Regram your post
  • Follow your account (or someone else’s)
  • Post a picture with your hashtag

62. Respond to Instagram comments

Did your followers like your posts and did they leave a comment? Congrats! This means you’re on the right track! Always reply, even if it’s only to say thank you. Even better is to go to the profile of this person and like a few of his/her posts (or comment on one). This person showed interest in you and big chance he/she will follow you.

63. Follow, like, and comment on your ideal follower

Find your ideal followers on Instagram and follow them. Like their pictures and comment on a few. Show them your love and that you have something to offer that they might like.

64. Regram pictures of your followers

Do you see a great picture of your product or does a picture totally fit your profile? Regram this picture (of course after asking for permission). Your followers will love it! Don’t forget to give credits to the owner.

65. Like pictures of others

When you like a picture on Instagram, the picture owner gets a notification. Big chance he or she will take a look at your profile. A great way of getting more followers! Don’t start liking EVERY picture you see now. Think about your ideal followers. Find them first, then find your favourite hashtags and location. And don’t like over 700 pictures a day. The Instagram algorithm is also checking spammers on this.

66. Comment on other pictures

When you really like the picture, comment! People love to hear from you! But people also hate spam, so keep your comments limited to 100 a day (and that is a lot!).

67. Follow influencers

Follow the Instagrammers your ideal follower also follows. Check out influencers that fit your profile.

68. Follow your competitor

There is nothing wrong with some good competition. Keeps you sharp!

69. Follow brands

Find the popular brands in your niche. Follow those.

70. Stay active

Don’t random like and follow. Stay active and interact with everyone on your path. Who knows you will find a great collaboration!

71. Monitor your hashtags

Keep an eye on your favourite hashtags and what people post with it. Check your brand name hashtag and see if people have questions about it. Be responsive and available.

72. Tag followers

Do you use quotes of famous people? Tag them. Is that your brother in the picture? Tag him. Do you wear a H&M hoodie in the picture? Tag H&M. With a bit of luck, they will regram your post.

73. Post the most responsive pictures

When you’ve been around on Instagram for a while, you know which posts get the most comments and likes. Post more of those pictures! It’s that easy.


For some of you is this the most boring part, but I’m a bit of a nerd and I love statistics. Instagram offers these stats too and for you as an entrepreneurs it’s super important to know your numbers!

74. Set targets

Formulate a SMART goal, not just ‘more followers on Instagram’. Be Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time bound.

Bad example: Within one moth 20k new followers (not realistic, sadly)

Bad example: More followers on Instagram (not specific)

Good example: At the end of 2018 I have over 2k followers

Good example: In 2018 the number of new followers increases with 10%

Be creative with this and come up with your goal! Never lose it out of sight and celebrate when you reach it!

75. Use Iconosquare or followers app

There are a few apps out there that track all your followers and pictures. These tools show for example which posts had the highest engagement and/or which followers you lost.

76. Don’t buy likes or followers

It seems tempting, but don’t buy likes or followers. Even when it’s not going fast enough for you. Be patient. The likes you are paying for coming from OR fake accounts OR not interested persons. Your real followers will notice this and stay away from you. Accounts with a lot of likes and almost no interaction are highly suspicious of Instagram too. And the last thing you want is being banned.


An Insta Story is a picture or video you add to your profile picture and it will only last 24 hours.

77. Pictures that didn’t make it to your feed

You will have many pictures that do not match your color scheme or are just not good enough for your feed. You can use them in your Insta Stories! This is a great way of keeping your followers connected, but without pushing it. It’s of course also a great way of showing a little more insight on your business or you as a person.

78. Highlights Instagram

Do you have a super good Insta Story? Or maybe a short video that represents your company in the best way? Highlight it as Insta Story on your profile. It will be visible on top of your profile, below your bio. When a follower visits your profile, they first read your awesome bio and then see that great highlighted story. You can replace these any time. Perfect!

79. Filters, stickers, frames, and gifs

You MUST check out all the funny filters that are available in the Insta Stories. Test and try

80. Consistency

Now it looks like Insta Stories is like Wonderland and you can do whatever you want. Less is true. Also here it’s highly recommendable to stay true to your brand. Use the right colors for your text and keep a close eye on the message you’re telling. It’s still storytelling guys!


Last, but not least, you’ve got to promote your Instagram account on all the other online tools you have. Let the world hear you! 

81. Share your IG profile through other social media sources

Link your Instagram with your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+ or wherever you are active.

82. Use social buttons on your website/blog

Every CMS system as a way to get your social buttons up. If you can’t find it yourself or on the forums and online communities, ask the customer service desk. Your website can’t do without a little self promotion!

83. Embed an Instagram feed on your website

Even better! Check out mine ——>

84. Promote your Instagram profile in an email

If you have an email database, place your Instagram account in the footer of your email template. Or even better, use the entire email template to promote your Instagram account.

85. Offline Marketing

Promote your Instagram profile on your business cards, flyers in the shop or other marketing materials you’ve got.

86. Email signature

Of course you already have your IG link in your signature! Right? 

87. Share your best Instagram pictures on other social media channels.

Think of a top 5 of this month’s best pictures, but share it on your Facebook page. Would make a great collage!

88. Place an Instagram Tab on your Facebook page

Super easy! Check out your Facebook page settings, you’ll find it there. 

89. Tell the world why they should follow you

Tell them about special giveaways only available for IG followers, or behind the scenes pictures which are never shown before.

90. Follow your own friends

If you’re not doing this from day one, do it now!

91. Connect your Instagram profile with your contact list

No explanation needed right? 

92. Join a POD

A POD is a group of like-minded Instagrammers that will like and comment ALL new pictures of everyone in that group. Most of the time they have the same interests / niche so creating original comments isn’t taking too much time. Such a POD consists mostly between 10 and 20 people.

Why? The Instagram Algorithm loves pictures that get a lot of interactions, the faster the better. 

Ok, one last one then:

93. Stay true to yourself

Despite of everything you have read in this (long) guide, rule number one is that you stay true to yourself. I’m not your guru, you know best who you are.

If you are pretending to be someone else, people will notice it. And in the end, you will not be happy either. Do what you like and love the most, that is the only way to have a sustainable relationship with Instagram and get the most fun out of it! 

You made it all the way to the end of this article, Instagram Tips&Tricks. Do you have any questions, or do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comments or contact me directly. Ready to help you out!

I develop content for and manage social media pages to help organizations and entrepreneurs grow and engage with their audience while they get to relax or focus on other parts of their business. 


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