free tools for keyword research

7 Free tools for keyword research

by Josien - 21 May, 2020

7 Free tools for keyword research

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The Google Keyword Planner is a popular tool. It shows the popularity of a keyword and how often this command is executed per month. But besides the Google Keyword Planner, there are several other free tools that help you with great keyword research.

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  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Google Trends
  3. Answer The Public
  4. Bing Keyword Research
  5. Soolve
  6. WMS Everywhere
  7. Mergewords

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    1. Ubersuggest

    You may know Neil Patel. A very well-known SEO specialist, who also offers various services. He has developed one of the free tools for keyword research and that is Übersuggest. Whether you want to get ideas for your content stream, or just want to know which pages rank high for searches. You can discover it all with this tool!

    By simply entering a search query, you will get suggestions that are frequently searched for. You also see how high the competition is for these keywords.

    If you click further on keyword ideas, you will also see which other websites score well on this search. In this way you get ideas, but you also peek at the neighbors. Übersuggest isn’t flawlessly, but it is an interesting tool to use.

    Advantages of Ubersuggest

    • It is a very clear tool
    • Übersuggest is easy to use
    • You will get various keyword ideas
    • There is an export option to get the keywords in a CSV file
    • You will immediately see the top results from Google

    Disadvantages of Ubersuggest

    • The SEO difficulty is often incorrect in smaller countries (I’ve seen it a few times for the Netherlands).
    • Sometimes weird (international) keyword ideas without search volume are shown as suggestions
    Ubersuggest - Free keyword research tools

    2. Google Trends

    Curious about the current trends of your keyword? Then use Google Trends. A free tool that is certainly interesting for your keyword research. Enter any keyword and see the current trends.

    The best multi niche blog pointed me in this direction and it has helped me a lot when starting this blog!

    This can be done for Google Search, Google Images, Google News, but also for YouTube. You can even see in which region the keyword is most popular. With this tool, you can compare which searches generate a lot of traffic.

    Moreover, you can get ideas from Google Trends. You will also see which related topics and searches are popular right now. This provides interesting ideas for your content marketing. You know exactly what people are looking for and can write about it.

    Advantages of Google Trends

    • You immediately see the popularity of a topic on a search term
    • It shows related topics
    • You can compare the popularity of topics or search terms
    • Google Trends contains data from 2004

    Disadvantages of Google Trends

    • When there is little search volume on a search term, Google Trends cannot be used properly
    • You usually don’t like the related searches
    Google Trends

    3. Answer The Public

    Personally, I think that Answer The Public is a very useful (free) tool for keyword research too. But I’ve heard different opinions too. Entering a simple search here will give you plenty of ideas for keywords, blogs, and landing pages.

    Do you own a clothing store and do you want to know what people look for in a dress? Enter your keyword and Answer The Public will show you combinations and questions. In the search, you will see combinations such as “a dress with deep v neck” or “dress of brand X”.

    This tool gives you a lot of content ideas. In this example, the tool made a combination with “dress” and “job application”. This will immediately show you a set of topics for blogs.

    Answer The Public is, therefore, an ideal tool for brainstorming on your most important keywords!

    Benefits of Answer The Public

    • You will see a lot of keyword ideas
    • With the data from Answer The Public you can come up with many content ideas

    Disadvantages of Answer The Public

    • The search volumes for the search terms are not displayed
    • The free version allows you to perform up to 3 searches per day on one IP address
    Answer the public - free tools for keyword research

    4. Bing Keyword Research

    The Bing Keyword Tool is not entirely surprising, coming from Bing. This tool is often overlooked, but it is unjustified. You can only access the tool if you are logged in and you have verified your website. 

    Don’t think that, because Bing is smaller than Google, it’s irrelevant. Depending on which location you are targeting or who your buyers persona is, you might want to research Bing more intensively. For example, in some areas in this world, Google is not even available.

    Benefits of Bing Keyword Research

    • You will see many suggestions for keywords
    • Bing often provides a number of relevant keywords that you have not encountered before

    Disadvantages of Bing Keyword Research

    • You are required to have an account with Bing
    • You are required to verify your website with Bing
    Bing Webmaster

    5. Soovle

    You have probably tried to type in your keyword in Google, just to see what suggestions it would give you. But are you also curious about YouTube’s suggestion? Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia?

    Then use Soovle. To be honest, it is not the best-designed tool, BUT it is quite powerful. Soovle provides suggestions for each search query and what people search for in YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, or Wikipedia.

    Advantages of Soovle

    • Soovle brings data from Amazon,, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Google, and WikiPedia together on one page
    • Because it brings the data together on one page, you get a lot of keyword ideas. Experiencing writer’s block? This is the solution.

    Disadvantages of Soovle

    • Many search terms shown are in English, so this is not always helpful in other languages
    • It can be confusing 
    • You do not see the search volumes, so you won’t know if one keyword is better than another. You can see these if you combine Soovle with a tool such as Keywords Everywhere.

    6. WMS Everywhere

    Since the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere has become a paid extension, a number of new extensions have been made. The best replacement for Keywords Everywhere is the more convenient extension What’s My Serp Everywhere. By installing this plugin you can easily analyze the SERPs. 

    You will see the search volume, CPC, competition for the keywords, and related keywords. Handy to supplement your keyword research or to quickly check a number of relevant keywords.

    All you have to take into account is that WMS Everywhere shows the global search volumes. This may also include search volumes from abroad.

    Advantages of WMS Everywhere

    • The tool also shows keyword search volumes within Google Suggest and YouTube
    • This tool is a must-have for every marketer, you can easily find other relevant search terms
    • Unlike Keywords Everywhere, the extension is free to use

    Disadvantages of Keywords Everywhere

    • Search volumes shown are global search volumes
    • Sometimes a search volume of 0 impressions per month is shown, while this number is higher

    7. Mergewords

    To complete your keyword research it is often necessary to combine keyword combinations, and there are not many free tools that provide you this info. You can then check these combinations by the search volume.

    The Mergewords tool allows you to enter unique keyword phrases in up to 3 fields, after which the tool generates a list of combinations. So this tool is ideal for generating longtail keywords.

    Mergewords as an alternative to the Google Keyword Planner

    Advantages of Mergewords

    • You can easily generate a large number of keyword combinations within seconds
    • Since the update of the Google Keyword Planner, the function to create keyword combinations has disappeared, with Mergewords you have this function at your disposal again

    Disadvantages of Mergewords

    • You don’t see the search volumes on the generated combinations yet, so you have to check this somewhere else

    Outsourcing your keyword research?

    I have access to more keyword research tools, the ones that are not for free. Think about and SEMrush for example. I am an experienced SEO Specialist and would love to help you out with your keyword research. I have my own strategies and delivered specific keyword reports to many clients before.


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